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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we're clear. >> depend where you are and what you will find out there. i would say generally southern tears of the area, probably a good move to throw in your work bag ready to hit the road. everybody is probably want to have april extra layer ready to go because yesterday was cool to day will be much of the same with plenty of cloud till out there we have them region wide right now. looking at storm can the bulk of the moisture is definitely through southern tear. we are looking at three hour loop. do you see how things, went away over camden and burlington county here. even though we have a couple damp roads through the northern 23rd of our area, most of us are actually going to eke out just quiet weather with clouds today. cool too out there. still moisture to work with. that is where they are coming from. what we are looking at here are area dew points. dew point measures the moisture contend in the air. bottom line is lower it is, the less humid it will feel but when these numbers are close to the actual air temperature as they are right
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now, that is going to lead to some areas of low lying cloud cover. you might run into some fog across northern counties for example but we should see at least a little sunshine along the way too. that was your temperature profile for philadelphia, we should hit upper 60's further south, watch for a shower, at anytime too vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning. right now rush hour is, beginning. ninety-five, in particular, southbound in the city where we are starting to notice a big old delay. when you look at ben franklin bridgette looks like a very hazy cloudy, muggy shot of the ben and traffic wise, you will notice it does not look like we will deal with too much development here we are once you ho p over the bridge from new jersey to philadelphia southbound we are seeing delays in the city starting around cottman avenue and continuing through to 676 and we will only continue to build. now, western suburbs 422 doesn't look awful east and westbound right around trooper still moving well but this
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will definitely change because it usually does at this time. stay with us, we will let you know when it does. 295 southbound at route 130, the ramp is blocked due to an oil spill. try to avoid this area definitely if you can. majors in new jersey are still low with traffic so that is one nuisance right now that you have to deal w also in warrington limekiln pike between upper state road and 202, rather we have a large branch in the roadway so again something to avoid this morning no delays for mass transit, ukee and nicole. >> thank you. here's is what going on and developing right now 36789 fires in five days on the same block in chester delaware county. >> investigators are suspicious and concern and really angry. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with the very latest jan good morning. >> reporter: nicole and ukee, good morning. chester police remaining on the scene here this morning, the mayor along with the fire commissioner, do say that police will have a presence
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here during the even your tine investigation on the neighborhood. these fires keep happening. latest one happening in this corner row home here, it happened last night and new monday, during that fire, it only suffered some smoke damage. but now a, as you can see it is charred. and, different fire, the third since friday. and if you didn't believe it before neighbors here in chester now firmly believe someone is to blame. >> my mother is 76 years old. she woke me up saying the fire. i could not believe this. this is ridiculous. >> this is area is all too familiar. fire fighters were called to the 400 block of bickley place around 0:30 tuesday night for a house fire that was spreading fast. >> when we arrived we had heavy fire in the rear of 410 extending up through back end of the second floor and working its way a across the roof. >> reporter: is there a joint investigation between fire and police for not only this fire but two others in recent days.
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on monday a vacant row home down the street caught fire damaging five homes and displacing 19 people and on friday a fire at a vacant home right next door. fire officials a most of the people displaced why back in their homes last night chester's marries getting involved before someone else gets hurt. >> we are deploying and looking at a number of perspectives of how this is happening. >> there will be a presence, here in this neighborhood, around the clock until we complete our investigation. >> reporter: in one has been injured during these fires but neighbors fear their luck may be running out. >> we will get to the bottom of it, they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. we have a lot of people that lose their lives man. >> reporter: fire, investigators remained here on the scene late in the night collecting evidence, and in the meantime they have not yet identified a cause of these fires and they have in the yet said definitively yet whether these three fires are linked and related, we will continue
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to follow this but for now we are live in chester delaware county jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new this morning rude, awakening where 50 homes are waking up without water this morning. this is on the 4500 block of regent street, a 6-inch water main in the middle of the street ruptured after 1:00 o'clock this morning. water department crews are working to repair the break. convicted police killer ra fey yet jones is supposed to learn his fate today,'s weights sentencing for murder of the philadelphia police officer moses walker. on august 18th 2012, 2 men tried to rob officer walker as he was walking to a bus just after he left his ship have the. jones faces life without parole. the other man pleaded guilty. an apology and pledge from joseph board man who testified before the a house transportation committee. it is investigating the tea rail. that killed eight people and injury 200 others. investigators say speed played a role in that crash.
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amtrak plans to install cameras in the train and have safety system on the line by the the the even of this year. >> i still believe the single greatest a at trip books that my generation of railroaders can make to this industry is to implement ptc as rapidly as possible. >> national transportation safety board has 15 days to determine if the engineer was on his cell phone before that crash. if it cannot there will be another hearing. senate has given final approval to renew many post 9/11 surveillance program and now white house will work to ensure that the nsa has rightal tools it need. mark albert reports now from washington. >> reporter: national security agency is getting green light to resume critical part of the anti terror surveillance program, with new laws. president obama signed u.s.a. freedom act into law tuesday night, thanking the senate via twitter for finally passing the measure. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: in a 67 on 32
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vote law make's greed to the law that will allow wiretaps on terror suspect who frequently change cell phones. in six months the national security agency will lose the power to collect and store phone record. but can still gain access to those record held by private companies with a court order. >> we have to protect the americans privacy. we can do that and still keep us secure. >> reporter: kentucky senator mitch mcconnell says the u.s.a. freedom act is a step in the wrong direction. >> truly under mines american security by taking within more tool by our war fighters in my view at exactly the wrong time. >> reporter: controversial surveillance program was first exposed by former nsa contractor edward snowden who maintains it is not effective at preventing terror attacks if we don't reallocate our reothers necessary a targeted way we will spend resources for in benefit in terms of public safety. >> reporter: officials say it could take at least several days to restart many of the
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anti terror surveillance programs, that expired. mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". funeral arrangements are now set for beau biden. president obama will give the eulogy of the former delaware attorney general and son of the vice-president, on saturday. members of the public will also be able to pay their respects. tomorrow beau biden will lie in honor at legislative hall in dover between 1:00 and 5:00 o'clock. yesterday, biden's widow hail a announced creation of the beau biden foundation for protection of children. biden died last saturday a at the age of 46 after a battle with brain cancer. as we continue, this morning, a alarming news on melanoma's how the number of cases have have skyrocketed in the last 30 years. coming up this morning the one thing that could prevent the disease. also this morning first it was dna on a pizza crust and now investigators have a new clue in the washington mansion murder. and pot for pets, why some dog lovers are giving medical marijuana a to their best
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friends >> ♪ aren't we all. >> yeah. last couple days have have been pretty rainy but i will say i haven't had to water my plants. >> that is true. >> that has been nice. >> liquid sunshine. >> that is all i got only good thing bit. i'm ready for a sunny day. >> every day is a good day. glad you are with us, we will be right back.
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police searched two boston area locations linked to the
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man just hours after officers shot him in the parking lot. died in the hospital. up investigators say the suspect lunged at officers with a knife, ra him had been under around the clock surveillance for several weeks. and investigators say they have found a new clue that ties a suspect to the washington mansion murders. officials say forensic analyst have matched traces of blood on daron wint's shoe to at least one of the murder victims. wint is charged with killing a family of three and their housekeeper, police discovered victims after the mansion caught fire. investigators do not believe wint act add loan but they have not charged anyone else. race against time for rescuers in china looking for hundreds of people still missing after a cruise ship capsized rescue efforts are ongoing, 50 deep in the yankze river. 456 people were on that ship, and 18 bodies have been found. total of 14 people have been rescued including the captain and chief engineer.
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they toll authorities a sudden tornado cause that had ship without warning. they say ship capsized so quickly they could not get off a distress call. 6:13. let's send it over to katie good morning. >> good morning nicole. hi everyone. we are starting off the morning with plenty of cloud cover and moisture in the atmosphere. you might be finding areas of low lying cloud cover and form of the low lying fog. it should not be terrible but heads up you might run into that. you can see if you look closely the movement of the cloud, as they rolled through the shot here, ever so slowly, but we have some moisture to work with, helping produce additional rain. right over cape may county we have a pocket of rain and that goes across delaware bay into kent county as well. this is primarily southern tear of the area where we will find wet weather today. you might start off with a little bit of damp conditions across gloucester, camden county, even philadelphia, but overall that moisture is
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sinking south. most of you will stay dry further south more likely you will end up with that wet weather. we are playing catch up here, my friend, whole month of may just didn't produce much in the way of wet weather. under an inch in atlantic city allentown trenton for entire in of may and boy did we make up for that in the last few days. we needed this. even though we have a couple dreary days because of it, it is something that was needed. we were in the drought status, normal drought in the good portion of the area. i have a feeling that will be wiped clean. we will start with a clean slate here. it will be right now. we will have a decent weekend too. >> yes thanks. >> bear with us. >> yes. >> lets get it on, get over the hump and keep going. >> hi young lady. >> hi. >> hi. >> great to see you. >> i feel great. you guys, thanks everyone. right now traveling out and about we have rush hour building on i-95, would i say
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your slowest point is ben franklin bridge that looks nice. traveling into new jersey, headlights coming toward us, or excuse me, heading in to philadelphia headlights coming toward us out of new jersey looking great. in delays heading in to the garden state. usually we have construction compromising right-hand lane but we are in the dealing with that today. we have good news on the area bridges. as we switch gears for a second we will take you to the schuylkill expressway around girard not a bad ride but we are starting to feel build up of rush hour delays on 76 westbound around city avenue. that usual pocket. i-95 out of the northeast down through the vine. slow ride between cottman and vine will get bigger than that i with say as well. we have an accident traveling white horse pike at somer tail road so try to a roid that intersection if you can and 295 southbound at route 130 ramp block due to an oil spill. no delays for mass transit however, nicole. caught on camera in florida an amtrak train plows
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in the car and then slices it in half. all three people inside that vehicle survived with minor injuries. accident happened yesterday in jacksonville n1 on the train was hurt, driver was given a $300 particular for trying to cross railroad tracks while gate arms were down. checking out headlines we are following a developing story another fire tears through a home in chester. last night's fire on the 400 block of bickley place is third one in less than a week. there were no injuries. we will hear from investigators later today. crews are repairing a water main break on regent street in west philadelphia, 50 homes are without what the they are morning. president obama signed u.s.a. freedom act which extend three surveillance provisions of the old patriot act. new legislation overhauls the bulk collection have of u.s. phone records. we will be right back.
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coach chip kelly and coaches are getting a good lot at eagles. bird focused on their organize team activities yesterday with scattered showers. eagles have a lot of confidence in their line backing corp including demeco ryan kiko a alonzo and michael kendricks. kendricks was a trading chip this off season but he is concentrating on the here and right now. >> a at this phase we are practicing to get better as a team, and what is to come, comes, man. i know, you know as well as everyone else know i can play some football.
6:20 am
so, you know, the of proof is in the pudding and the rest, i cannot control or worry about that. >> play some football and let's get it on. sam bradford worked out yesterday. he went seven on seven and bradford has had two major knee surgeries but he is looking forward to playing once the season gets underway. phillies seven game losing streak is history and cole hamels makes it two in a row against red at citizens bank park. chase utley is back over 200 after a three hit night against the red last night. one was a home run to kick off a phillies come back. miguel franco tied it with a two run home run in the eighth and then darren ruf ended it walk off style in the single in the bottom of the ninth inning. nicely done. listen to the crowd and announcers phils win. final score was five -four. check out this melt down the mariners manager lloyd is an equal opportunity arguer, he makes sure he argues where
6:21 am
umpire on the field after he was booted from last night's game with the yankees. he was upset over some check swing calls. he was eject and mariners lost to the yankees in extra innings. >> he is fired up. >> he loves the game. >> finger pointing to the hats came off he kicks the grass. >> you don't see too much. >> earl weaver used to be best of that in baltimore. >> he pulled out all of the stops. >> he is jack up. >> take a deep breath. >> chill. >> gets me all anxious watching it. >> up next in the healthwatch why more dog owners are giving their fury friend medical marijuana. plus new jersey is known for corn and for mate owes, now strawberry scientist from his a local university spent ten years creating what they saw is the best strawberry you will ever taste. >> really. >> i may have had one already. >> you may have. >> you did. >> that is right i went to a local farm to test it out this he were delicious. we will have more coming up next. >> i got nothing and will like
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it. >> maybe something coming for you.
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we should see some sun. but you can see clouds, trying to lift out of here further north you go. is there still some moisture to work with those to the southern counties get hit here throughout the day with a fresh round of scattered showers. union have another mid week match, these home games in the middle of the week kill me. they are tough. you have to wake up the next morning. 64 degrees is expect kick off temperature down in chester this evening. i think we will stay dry in chester, again keeping in mind, southern counties, we will end up with some showers around, at anytime today. tomorrow temperatures having a
6:25 am
chance to start to rebound but fresh round of showers is already on the way. vittoria over to you. good morning everyone. right now traveling on i-95 we were dealing with rush hour developing out of the northeast down through the vine street expressway, and now what we are dealing with now is an incident situation right around girard where it does look to be like maybe things are starting to move, maybe not. there is truck stagnant in this portion in the right-hand lane. traveling southbound, i-95 we have a disturbance making your way around girard blocking right-hand lane. we have a truck moving out. this could be an improvement. you will be slow, northeast down to the vine. traveling around girard stay with us and we will let you know when it clears out. it looks like it is starting to. traveling on the 42 freeway we have rush hour, traveling northbound approaching 295 some volume, developing there and also volume developing on the schuylkill, westbound at city avenue in that usual pocket. we are just starting to feel rush hour right now expect
6:26 am
worse heading out in 20 minutes or so, nicole. >> vittoria, thanks. rates of melanoma have doubled over last 30 years. >> according to the cdc melanomas spotsible for 9,000 skin cancer deaths in the you had each year. health experts say more than 90 percent of melanoma skin cancers are due to uv radiation exposure from the sun. skin protection could prevent 230 melanoma cases over a decade. people with the strong sense of smell may live longer researchers monitored a group of senior citizens for four years after they took a scratch and sniff test. 45 percent of those who had trouble identifying odors died in four years compared to 18 percent who had no difficult at all. more pet parents are now turning to medical marijuana a to ease their pets's chronic pain. carasu boy gives it to her 14 year-old, to help ease the
6:27 am
seizures. >> we were telling our vet in bold their we try a medical marijuana product for our dog. shortly thereafter his seizures decreased. >> we just don't have evidence right new to document what is safe and what is effective. >> f.d.a. agrees saying consumers should be aware purchasing and using such products. you have to do what is best for your pet. >> they are family. 6:27. >> coming up on "eyewitness news", the the most juicy flavorful strawberries you'll ever taste that is what some say. >> you're like willie ever taste these things. i will go on and on about how good they are and you can only get them in new jersey. i'll have more on that, justin >> reporter: the train conduct inner the deadly crash on his cell phone? that factor and many others are under investigation. a live report is coming up. also some chilling video of james holmes the colorado movie theater gunman describing how he carried out
6:28 am
the mass shootings. vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's, we will be back in two minutes.
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damp dreary, it feels more like fall in the beginning of june, yeah, this is a list of complaints there. but you can see on storm scan
6:31 am
three we have another chance of showers and katie nobody likes the rain, i mean a little bit of it is good. >> that is right, a lot of people love rain, it is great napping weather. >> okay. >> it goodies for the flowers. i know you are happen bye that. >> i'm glad i don't have to water my plants. >> there are pros and cons with weather lake this but when you have to be in a prolong stretch you might as well be in seattle at this point. when we go out to storm scan three we have wet weather and still actually pretty steady heavy rain off shore thankfully but at the moment you will will's find that mostly confine to the southern tear of the area. reason is that is the brunt of moisture that is sinking to the south. normally we would expect that this will continue to sink south and clear out. it will not work out that way. we will keep cloud around today, we will see a few peaks of sunshine not a terrible day but just not as bright as you might hope it to be. 55 degrees at philly international, that is one spot that is dry most of the day but go down towards shore
6:32 am
rehoboth getting soaking rain this morning and we have more on shore wind flow. you see win directions, hurley pointing inland there. that will keep things on the cool side yet again today. up in the mountains is your best shot to see sunshine. further are north you go more likely you will see peaks of sun throughout the day. philadelphia i think you are done with the wet weather at this point. it may still be damp out there further south you travel bet opportunity to see any showers. quickly we will touch on the head lines the june chill will linger for you and it is so interest ago this upper 60's feels chilly to us but there will be these shower chance that he is last us, right through friday from the same system. it will get better, don't worry, i'll tell you when the show progresses, vittoria. good morning. right now traveling on i-95 unfortunately we have an accident situation compromising center lanes to the southbound side of i-95. notice school bus in one of
6:33 am
those center lanes it is left center lane that is involved in this incident. we are getting more details in the traffic center but what i can tell you right now is on the southbound side of i-95 at girard police are on the scene. is this moving now that i'm moving it. amazing how traffic can change within moments. now school busies moving itself out of the way. however, take a look at the congestion that this is causing, has caused, if you are traveling in this area. southbound i-95 you'll be affect by rush hour and this earlier incident that we are seeing cleared out at girard avenue. commuting out of cottman and vine street expressway will be a squeeze so brace yourself. traveling 76 here's that usual pocket at city avenue. this will stall things in the the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard and each one trying to get to 76. traveling in new jersey, north bound slowed down in the usual spots of 55 and 42 but ac x and new jersey turnpike are just fine, ukee. good morning everyone.
6:34 am
amtrak's president says safety technology could have prevented the deadly derailment in philadelphia a he was one of several people answering questions before a house committee. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is at 30th street station to tell you more about it, just continue. >> reporter: good morning. ntsb report, more than nine million-dollar, and at that congressional hearing just yesterday all of the major key players were there including amtrak officials ntsb, as well as the federal railroad administration also, present too, members of the congress pressed for a cause of this crash, however they were learning it remains under investigation. much of tuesday's hearing focused on the cause of the amtrak trash and brandt on bostian the three two-year old conductor. the ntsb now has his phone and working to see if its use contributed to the derailment. with no issue found in braking systems, track or signals human error is emerging. >> speed was a significant
6:35 am
factor and speed simply put is what we referred to as a human factor. >> reporter: bostian suffered a head injury and says he does not recall the crash. he is a among more than 200 injured. eight were kill. an may 12th, 188 took curve at upward of hundred miles an hour after leaving 30th street station wound for new york city. track braking system called positive train controls or ptc could have slowed the train traveling at more than twice the speed limit and perhaps prevented derailment but the system was in the in place. after the crash ptc's were installed in the area of the derailment, some want cameras in the cab too. >> they can provide critical fur to the ntsb as we work to determine ways to prevent future accidents. >> reporter: by years even congress is calling for ptc's to be in use on all passenger rail tracks. amtrak hopes to meet that deadline on the northeast corridor. >> i promise you that by the end of this year this system which will dramatically enhance safety will be
6:36 am
complete. >> reporter: now the ntsb has about two weeks to glean more findings from bass tan cell even if record. they want to look at the key moment of the wreck to bostian's cell phone calls text and et cetera. temple tells us they have about four patients still under their care, one of those patients remain in critical condition, this morning. we are live outside 30th street station i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> just continue, thank you. meanwhile revelation from the man charged with killing a dozen people at a colorado movie theater james holmes phoned a mental health hot line just before the rampage but call was disconnect just before anyone answered. the jury watched a conversation between local holmes and his psychiatrist. >> reporter: despite comparison to the joker and speculation about his mental state, james holmes told the psychiatrist he was calm and collected as he prepared to walk into this movie theater
6:37 am
in aurora, colorado where he would kill a dozen people and injure 07 others. calm and collected is how he would describe donning a gas mask, turning up music on his wireless headphones, stepping in the theater and throwing a tear gas canister. >> then i saw that people were getting up. so i shot in that direction. >> reporter: his shotgun runs out of ammunition. >> i threw through the gun down and switched to the is a fifth. >> reporter: recording played in court is part of the 22 hours of sessions that holmes had with a psychiatrist, after he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. holmes told doctor william reid he didn't remember most of the shots he fired but he describes firing at two people in particular he spotted running a way. >> i wanted to divert my attention to them and everybody was running a way.
6:38 am
>> tell me what you were shooting at. >> well, i wanted to control the situation. >> reporter: holmes said he was suffering a psychotic episode but doctor reid says he was legally sane at the time. prosecutors have said that they will seek the death penalty. andrew spencer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:38. entertainer bill cosby is seeking to protect material linked to the confidential court settlement of the philadelphia sexual assault lawsuit. cosby's lawyers were in federal court in philadelphia yesterday. they want to block a subpoena sent to a lawyer for the philadelphia accuser by three women suing cosby in massachusetts. cosby's lawyers argue that the settlement is protect by a confidentiality a agreement and in one should have access to the documents. state of the callus now one step closer to raising the legal smoking age. >> lawmakers there passed a bill raising california's legal age to buy cigarettes
6:39 am
from 18 to 21. sponsors say it made law that bill will keep many from smoking. bill passed out of the state senate tuesday with little debate and bipartisan support. it is getting milk reviews by people on the street. >> they should raise to it 21. it is in the good for you. i'm sitting here smoking it is not a good thing. >> i don't think another law will change anything. you will not be able to stop people from smoking. >> separate will also passed will treat e cigarettes just like regular cigarettes banning them in restaurant buses and hospitals. both bills will get on to the california house for debate. our time 6:39. so glad you are with us this morning. >> still ahead a frenchman's helmet cam shows how he was skiing when he fell into what could have been a icy grave. see this a amazing rescue coming up next. also we are tracking,
6:40 am
twitter's most popular shark she's 3500-pound and she's back on the jersey shore. >> my god that is best berry i have ever had. >> so what makes this strawberry so incredibly good? well scientists at rutgers spent ten years perfecting it so as you can see i had to try it in front of the camera. i looked very natural. >> yes, they were pretty amazing. i know you haven't tasted them and you probably won't. >> oh, thanks, thanks. >> yeah, on behalf of you it is really good stuff. we will have more on rutgers scarlet strawberries just in case, we will send to it break with me taking a break out of the rutge
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6:42 am
6:43 am
twitter's favorite great white shark mary lee is spend something time time down the shore. >> her opinion opinion g pet her off the coast of the inlet. >> yes. >> about too. >> she's needs to get on out. >> yes. >> the shark has become a internet sensation. at mary lee the hashing has 74,000 followers nicole is in the one of them, that has osearch the company tracking her. she could make her way down, might want to ride some of the great white roller coaster. keep an eye on it. a apparently. here's katie not katie, we can't go there. >> put a southern twist on mary lee.
6:44 am
>> yes mary lee. >> yes. >> i don't know why, but that is hilarious. >> folks the eyewitness weather watcher network hard at work and obviously we thank you for great observations coming in but they are very uniform. low to mid 50's on the map right now. we are at 56 degrees in allentown, more cloud and high humidity, according to julia. good morning for wednesday needed presip and now missing the unshine. we are hearing that across the region here echoing those word come gwenn in southampton with a lot have of clouds as well, wondering when will summer return? don't worry, we will start to warm things up. keep in mind and back of your head we did need that rain are fall. that is going to start leveling the playing field for us. once we get rid of the front we should be golden for a little while you can see leading edge of the moisture is going to sink south.
6:45 am
here we sit in philadelphia a and all points north. they could still pick up a shower. we are fine ago this as we speak through kent county, cape may county, it is also off to the south. it doesn't look like a whole region will get head by this. it is national running day. if you have a morning judging lunchtime straw or p.m. run scheduled here overall around philadelphia and any point north of that we are looking good here. it is cool but perfect for running. feel really comfortable for all runners, we have a lot of diehards, that will be hitting ben franklin parkway. looking for in the forecast we have upper 60's the next few days. cooler then average. we are starting to warm things up. by week end we should break the spell of this frontal boundary that has been hitting us within a few degrees of 80 and more sun then anything this weekend. it will get better from here, vittoria. >> i tried to run ben franklin bridge one time.
6:46 am
>> how did that make you the. >> it is a ducey. it is a day to celebrate running, try that, might be a nice day to try that. >> i might give it a whirl again. maybe not. i-95 traveling southbound out of the northeast down to the vine it is rush hour, slow, it is going to be very much so, very lazy around cottman avenue because of the construction zones narrowing the roadway. it will be slow around girard. usual stuff same thing usual stuff on the schuylkill. we have westbound pocket at city avenue which will affect southbound side of the boulevard. we are starting to see that delay climb back toward kelly drive exit on the southbound side. speaking of kelly drive it is closed as a result of the accident near strawberry mansion bridge. if you are traveling around that a area you will do maneuvering for sure, let's head back to the desk. we are following a developing story another suspicious fire in chester. >> for third time in a week home on bickley place had has gone up in flames.
6:47 am
chester investigators plan to discuss fires with reporters later today. amtrak says it will install cameras in the trains in the aftermath of last month deadly derailment in port richmond. investigators want to know if the engineer was using its cell phone at the time. >> crews are working on a water main break in southwest philadelphia, 50 homes on regent street is without water a after a 6-inch main broke last night. >> new jersey is known for juicy red tomatoes. >> but strawberries may be the garden state's next claim to fame. i went in search of fresh rutgers car let strawberries. >> reporter: basket of strawberries ten years in the a making owe what is so special about patented rutgers scarlet strawberry. >> they have volatile compound, compound that you can smell compounds that give that it deep rich strawberry flavor. >> reporter: ruby red color from the inside out quality engineered by agricultural scientists at rutgers university using cross
6:48 am
pollination. >> basically we are taking best characteristics from two different genetic lines and then crossing that. we keep doing that for many years until we fine the exact ber that i we want. >> reporter: work began as a way to help farmers compete with growers who ship from places like california and florida. the result. >> it is not too sugar or sour. i can go back to the super market strawberries. >> i was warned before i started i won't be able to eat those super market berries and that is the case. >> reporter: if you want to do a taste test you have to pick them yourself. they have been grown in a dozen local farms including this farm in west department for. >> people have been calling up trying to get more. i said we only have a few. they are selling out fast. >> reporter: manager contact says the sunny dry claimant has been great for inning is will grow of ruth ger scarlet on her farm. not only do they cost the same but they are more nutritious and taste better.
6:49 am
>> i was expecting them to taste just as good as ours. after i tried that i said that is best berry, i have ever had. >> reporter: sweet home grown treat that is expect to hit stores this time next year. yeah, i have to say i agree with her. it was the the best berry i have ever tasted. >> it looks like it. >> here's the thing ukee, i tried to get you some. i brought home a whole bucket full. >> yes. >> i put them in the freezer. >> you ate them. >> and they weren't as good. >> these are imposter. these may be imposters. they are good ones. you have to try these things. they are sweet juicy as well and red on the inside. >> you didn't bring me the real deal. >> yes, i didn't. >> here's why too we tried to get some more, joe our director trying to get some. >> take a close-up shot of this and they are no longer -- >> these are --
6:50 am
>> they have reach the even, in longer being harvested. >> it is 6:49 right now lot coming up on cb. this morning. >> gayle king is in new york, good morning gayle. >> there is so much coming up on cbs this morning and i'm exited to tell you all bit. hello ukeelee and nicole, we are talking to his sources about terror suspect shot and killed in massachusetts. hurricane sandy victims still don't have homes. peter greenburg will be here on how airlines are testing faster ways to board the plane. don't we want that to happen soon are rather than later. effort to legalize, a bill. melissa mccarthey with paul t ige. and whether it pays to be a jerk at work. think about that, you two. >> no, it does not. >> no, it does not. >> you have to be nice. >> yes, you have to be nice. no jerks at work, no jerks anytime, right. >> that is right. >> that is what i think but we will see. >> we think you are very nice,
6:51 am
gayle. >> gayle is the the best. >> thanks, talk to you. >> keep talking keep talking. >> a scary situation for frenchman skiing the alps and all caught on camera. benjamin was skiing down a mountain when ground opened up and he fell. >> wow. >> into a hole. he screamed for help, fell even further. luckily a group of skiers heard him they threw down a rope and call for help. he was trapped in the hole for 30 minutes said he thought he was going to die. he was not injured and was able to ski the rest of the way down the mountain. >> i have to go back to this. on people say crevis, crevis. >> yes. >> really. >> like a vase, vase. >> yes, i have never heard that you are going with crevis. >> yes. >> i will go with crevis since you didn't bring me my
6:52 am
strawberries. >> you are so fansy we will go to break but first a look what is coming up here on cbs-3.
6:53 am
new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms a leading allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and 6 is greater than 1. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. new flonase. 6 is greater than 1. this changes everything.
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there is a special fundraiser tonight for family of the fallen philadelphia fire fighter italian
6:55 am
restaurant on coffee street is holding fundraiser for lieutenant joyce craig, first female fire fighter in philadelphia to die in the line of duty when she was kill battling a fire in west oak lane last december. all proceeds, and tips from the fundraiser will go to craig's two children. we are getting a look at surveillance video from south philadelphia and police hope it helps track down a pair of thieves. this video shows two men stealing a scooter from the 1900 block of carpenter street on the sixth of may police say these suspect could be responsible for several other scooter theft, in the philadelphia area. and, if you have any information, on these thefts, you you can the authorities please. you can see this video again please at cbs >> all right. >> nearing the end of our 6:00 o'clock show so one last check of weather and traffic. >> indeed, it has been dreary, couple days. >> yes, we know. >> enough of that speech, there will be a couple showers around especially through cape
6:56 am
may county, temperatures at best in the mid 60's here but i promise you this forecast, will get better, and, speaking of beach weather, kathy is making her way on the way to cape may. >> go a ahead now. >> heading down there tomorrow for orr at the shore. we all need one line. we'll what he has in store on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00. >> i never missed al alberts. >> that was the best. >> yes, i loved al, uncle a al. >> yes. >> good morning everyone. right now, kelly drive piece of good news has been reopened right around strawberry mansion bridge and we had an earlier accident that has been cleared and road slick still careful out there and rush hour. coming up in a couple minutes we will bring you more local news weather traffic and sports we will do it on our sister station cw philly a and live in chester where there has been three fires on the same block for the last five days. >> awful. >> plus reunion seven years in the in making guys, cameras rolling as this puppy finally
6:57 am
comes home. you don't want to miss this. it will be a sweet one. >> that is great. >> that is great. >> coming up next on cbs this morning melissa mccarthey and director paul fi g e reunite for their latest comedy spike. >> we will keep it live and local on the cw philly.
6:58 am
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good morning. it is wednesday, june 3rd 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." police kill and shoot a terrorist suspect. this morning we learn of a woman killed by a lion in south africa worked on hollywood productions. the fda approve a pill for women. critics question its safety. others question if it works. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> he is someone we were watching. the level


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